Software Packages

Machine learning

  • DEIS: Diffusion Exponential Integrator Sampler GitHub
    Fast Sampling of Diffusion Models with Exponential Integrator
    Q. Zhang, and Y. Chen

  • Diff-PGD GitHub
    Diffusion-Based Adversarial Sample Generation for Improved Stealthiness and Controllability
    H. Xue, A. Araujo, B. Hu, and Y. Chen

  • DiffCollage GitHub
    DiffCollage: Parallel Generation of Large Content with Diffusion Models
    Q. Zhang, J. Song, X. Huang, Y. Chen, and M. Liu

  • PIS: Path Integral Sampler GitHub
    Path Integral Sampler: a stochastic control approach for sampling
    Q. Zhang, and Y. Chen

  • DiffFlow: Diffusion Normalizing Flow GitHub
    Diffusion Normalizing Flow
    Q. Zhang, and Y. Chen


  • VIMP: Variational Inference Motion Planning GitHub
    A Gaussian Variational Inference Approach to Motion Planning
    H. Yu, and Y. Chen

  • ReorientDiff GitHub
    ReorientDiff: Diffusion Model based Reorientation for Object Manipulation
    U. Mishra, and Y. Chen

Optimal transport and control

  • NeuralMonge: Neural Monge Map GitHub
    Neural Monge Map estimation and its applications
    J. Fan, S. Liu, S. Ma, H. Zhou, and Y. Chen

  • Neural Wasserstein Barycenter GitHub
    Scalable Computations of Wasserstein Barycenter via Input Convex Neural Networks
    J. Fan, A. Taghvaei, and Y. Chen

  • Variational Wasserstein Gradient Flow GitHub
    Variational Wasserstein gradient flow
    J. Fan, Q. Zhang, A. Taghvaei, and Y. Chen

  • CBP: Constrained Belief Propagation GitHub
    Multi-marginal optimal transport and probabilistic graphical models
    I. Haasler, R. Singh, Q. Zhang, J. Karlsson, and Y. Chen